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Heart of the Culture

Heart of the Culture


Acrylic, UV Paint, Watercolor, Wire & Plaster on canvas. 

Great Big Heart Show - Middle Way Cafe, February 2020


The "Heart of the Culture" showcases the Walrus, a huge resource for the Inupiat community in Utqiagvik. This painting incorporates traditional Inuit colors: black, white and red.


Aiviq is walrus in Inupiat. We subsistence hunt aiviq for food, traditional drum making by stretching the stomach lining, ivory carvings and tool making used by our native artists, hunters and community members.


The "Heart of the Culture" was made to help raise funds and awareness for Recover Alaska, an organization doing important work throughout Alaska by raising awareness of the negative impacts of excessive alcohol consumption and advocate for legislation and policies that will help reduce alcohol misuse. 


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