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About Chromatic Crystal

Crystal is an Iñupiaq painter, illustrator, and graphic designer from Anchorage, Alaska. Her mother was born in Nome, Alaska. As a child, Crystal's Air Force family relocated to various cities and locations around the world. She found her passion in art when she lived in Germany. It was in Ramstein when her mean 3rd grade teacher paid Crystal a genuine compliment on a drawing assignment: a self-portrait of a 9-year old wearing a hand-me-down NFL jersey and butterfly hair clips. From that point forward, she taught herself how to sketch animals and paint with humor and bright, serendipitous colors. Crystal's artwork can be found in the Alaska Native Medical center and in homes between Alaska and Florida. 

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Although Crystal primarily works with vibrantly pigmented, dye-based inks called alcohol ink, she also enjoys making digital art. During this time of solitude for many, she has offered to create coloring book pages in a unique way by allowing her two dogs, Leon and Jean-Claude, to pick images that her followers submit on Facebook. Visit her page @Chromatic Crystal to submit an idea on her main post, or download any of the completed free coloring pages.


"Thanks, Britt'Nee/Kivliq, for hosting my pages here! Don't forget to buy a gorgeous pair of walrus whisker earrings, fam!"

-Chromatic Crystal

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