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Trapper Hat - Sing Your Mothers Song

Trapper Hat - Sing Your Mothers Song


Ceramic Trapper Hat


Two boys were playing outside of Wainwright. An Iminaraq (little person) appeared, dressed in his traditional clothing caribou pants. The boys could not catch him because he moved too fast. The Iminaraq invited the boy to travel to his dimension. The boys' grandmother told a story that if they invite you to their world that it's okay, but you'll need to follow her instructions. Her instructions were to close your eyes and blank out your mind; you can't have a single thought in your head. Next you need to sing your mother's song. If you do not follow these instructions while traveling (at the speed of light) then everything will become backwards and you will go crazy. To return, you have to repeat the instructions. The boys traveled with the Iminaraq and never came back. All that remained was one of the boy's seal skin trapper hat that was found on the tundra where they were last seen playing.

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